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Flatirons Acura Photography Exhibit

Gallery of photos from exhibit are now posted.


Shambhala Mountain Center - Colorado

I worked and lived at Shambhala Mountain Center for just over two years. I met and married my wife there. This place is very dear to my heart. 20% of Sales Proceeds from this collection will be Donated to Shambhala Mountain Center.

Flora Photography

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Featured Photography

This is a collection of Featured Photographs, that will change on a regular basis.

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Presents: Shambhala Images - A Collection of Photographs Inspired by the Present Moment
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40 Minute Stupa Exposure

The Great Stupa od Dharmakaya, Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes, CO

India Travel Tips

Some useful information to share after a 6 month trip to India.

Flatirons Acura Exhibit

All Photographs in the Exhibit are for Sale


A little about me:


Photo of  Mark O'Donoghue

A recent photo of me at Cumberland Falls, Kentucky
Photo by: Ciara O'Donoghue


I’I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland, but I’I've Spent the last 23 years of my life in The United States, living in Montana, Colorado, and I now reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Passionately involved  in photography for the last 10 years, my favorite place to capture images is the west.

I consider the secret of life to be hidden in the finer details. All we have to do is slow down and take a closer look. Developing a photographer's eye has given me a deeper appreciation for the world around me. Photography to me is a window into the ever-changing world. With photography as a tool, I can capture a moment in time and share its brilliance with others.

I feel a certain amount of compassion when capturing images. I think of the possible joy that I may bring to others by sharing the beauty of the world captured moment by moment. This fills me with warmth and excitement! I feel very fortunate to have been in the position to capture these images.




Matthieu Ricard and Mark O'Donoghue

Photo by: Domine Cappadonna


The above photo is of Matthieu Ricard (click on his name to watch a TED video with Matthieu talking about the habits of happiness) and myself in the backround, photographing Yangsi Rinpoche visiting The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado in 2010.



Shambhala Images Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum





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